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There’s a fine line between “vintage” and “dated” when it comes to home features. Buyers want updates and upgrades, but how do you determine whether to invest in an update? Below are a few features it’s pretty safe to say are long past their expiration date.

1. Popcorn ceilings

Also known as acoustic, or cottage cheese ceilings, they were styled using a popular spray-on ceiling finish for decades. Fortunately, the finish is easy enough to remove using a variety of DIY methods. I have yet to work with a Buyer who says, "I love popcorn ceilings!" Just do it. I can recommend a couple of dry wall contractors.

2. Tiled countertops

Even if they’re not from the 40s or 50s, once you’ve wasted time scrubbing grout clean, you’ll understand why these should go. These never really were in style and what they're really saying is "We couldn't afford a full slab of granite or solid stone." Even formica is a better choice. Check out the multitude of choices at your local Home store.

3. Brass

Back in the 80s, brass fixtures shone from everywhere they could be screwed or plugged in. That kind of home bling worked back when everyone wondered who shot J.R. To appeal to today’s buyer, update to a more neutral shade such as bronze, black or gray, or you can go with the very trendy copper. An inexpensive fix is trusty primer & paint in white or any of the colors mentioned above.

4. Mauve

Also known as dusty rose, in the 80s this color infested everything from walls and carpets to or Don Johnson's blazers. Try swapping out for more neutral colors. Enough said about that.

5. Short backsplashes

Popular in the 90s, colored glass and funky tile short backsplashes added color to kitchens. But they also visually shorten the kitchen walls. Replace them with tiles that reach all the way to the ceiling to make the space look larger. This one is new to me as I am not yet offended by short glass tiles, but if you're thinking of taking the glass tile route, you may want to re-visit this design trend.

6. Light wood cabinets

They were everywhere in the 90s, but there is a quick, inexpensive update. Just grab paint or stain from the hardware store. Again, paint is always an easy update. White is classic, gray is trendy, black is out.

7. Wood paneling

Generally speaking, if you can envision Marsha, Jan & Cindy giggling in front of it, it needs to go. Wood lovers have a difficult time with this one, especially when "heart of pine" paneling from the Lawyer's room of the 50's & 60's. Some choose to simply strip and re-stain with a lighter shade, most paint and it is still lovely. I've shown many homes with a fresh coat of paint on the paneling and it never disappoints. Just try it.

Not sure what to scrape, paint or replace? I'll can help show you some examples from other homes on the mls, and suggest what updates may be worth the investment. 

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New Guidelines Coming in October-Important Things to Remember.

If not followed closely, these new guidelines could potentially hold up your closing! 

Mandatory CFPB Guidelines & Top Ten Things Your Agent Needs To Know:

1. A new closing statement disclosure or CD will be used by most Lenders on new mortgages starting October 3, 2015. The Lender, not the closing Agent, will be responsible for preparing and delivering the CD.

2. The CD must be delivered to the Buyer at least three business days prior to the scheduled closing date. 

3. Closing Agents must provide all charges to the Lender, including Buyer paid charges, approximately 10-14 days prior to the closing date for the completion of the CD to meet the delivery requirement. 

4. Real Estate Agents are required to provide both their Broker's and their individual license numbers. 

5. The CD sent to the Buyer will not include the "Seller's side" of the transaction. The closing Agent will prepare a separate Seller's Disclosure Statement for the Seller.

6. Closing Agents will not be permitted to send a copy of the CD to Real Estate Agent because it contains Buyer's NON-PUBLIC information (NPI).

7. Changes to the CD after delivery to the Buyer will trigger a new three-day waiting period IF changes cause the Annual Percentage Rate to be inaccurate, or if the Buyer changes the loan product or prepayment penalty is added.

8. The CD refers to the Owner's Title Insurance as "optional", however, if the Buyer does not purchase a policy, they will not be covered for any claims.

9. Be sure to emphasize to the Buyer that they need to respond immediately to Lender requests for information and remind Seller that they must follow the contract to the letter because not doing so can delay the closing.

10. Given all of the new requirements, you should discuss with your closing Agent a realistic timeline for closing under all of the new guidelines. 








The Baldwin County Board of Education announced an Aviation Career Academy will be coming to South Baldwin County Alabama! 

Our fabulous new Superintendent sends out updated videos ever week!  Watch for this announcement at 45 seconds about the Career Aviation Academy opening in Baldwin County.

This is an opportunity to build a career in Aviation, Welding, AirCraft Building, Ship Welding and more.  With the current and incoming industry such as Airbus, Austal USA and other industries looking at Mobile Bay as a desirable trade port and air hub, students will be eligible for great paying jobs upon graduation with opportunities to elevate within their prospective a careers quickly!  

Baldwin County Board of Education's  Aviation School Announcement