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The real estate down here on the coast of south Alabama is gorgeous and it is selling like Gene's Beans in July.  

Alabama Coastal Real Estate values are on the rise as well.  Home values have increased anywhere between 3%-4% each year over the past four years.  

Condos for sale in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach come in all price ranges, sizes and styles.   Waterfront properties continue to bring a premium and new construction is booming!

Well why not?! We have white sandy beaches, bays, lagoons, rivers and streams for fishing. Along with farms and family-rich communities, Baldwin County is a haven for beachcombers, families, professionals, retirees and nature lovers.  

 Industry and trade bring jobs to surrounding Mobile and Pensacola.  We offer the gulf ports, airports and train depots making our area attractive for all types of businesses. 




Here is a list of the new guidelines beginning in September 2015. Be aware that these changes will create delays. Closings will and can take longer than the usually anticipated 30-45 days from the accepted offer date. 


New 1. A new closing statement form called the CLOSING DISCLOSURE or CD will be used for most new mortgages, effective on October 3, 2015. The lender, not the closing agent, will be responsible for preparing and delivering the CD.

2. The CD must be delivered to the buyer/consumer at least three business days prior to the scheduled closing date.

3. Closing agents must provide all charges to the lender, including buyer paid charges, approximately 10 to 14 days prior to the closing date for the completion of the CD to meet the delivery requirement.

4. Real estate agents are required to provide both their broker's and their individual license numbers

5. The CD sent to the buyer/consumer will not include the "seller's side" of the transaction. The closing agent will prepare a separate SELLERS DISCLOSURE STATEMENT for the seller.

6. Closing agents will not be permitted to send a copy of the CD to real estate agents because it contains buyer/consumer's NON-PUBLIC INFORMATION (NPI).

7. Changes to the CD after delivery to the buyer/consumer will trigger a new three-day waiting period IF changes cause the Annual Percentage Rate to be inaccurate, the buyer changes the loan product or a prepayment penalty is added.

8. The CD refers to Owner's Title Insurance as "optional", however, if the buyer/consumer does not purchase a policy, they will not be covered for any claims.

9. Be sure to emphasize to the buyers/consumers that they need to respond immediately to lender requests for information and remind your sellers that they must follow the contract to the letter because not doing so can delay the closing.

10. Given all of the new requirements, you should discuss with your closing agent a realistic timeline for closing under all of the new rules.


Aviation Career Academy Opening in Baldwin Co.



The Baldwin County Board of Education announced an Aviation Career Academy will be coming soon to South Baldwin County! 

Our fabulous new Superintendent sends out updated videos every week! Watch for this announcement at 45 seconds about the Career Aviation Academy opening in Baldwin County. 

This is an opportunity to build a career in Aviation, Welding, AirCraft Building, Ship Welding and more. With the current and incoming industry such as Airbus, Austal USA and other industries looking at Mobile Bay as a desirable trade port and air hub, students will be eligible for great paying jobs upon graduation with opportunities to elevate within their prospective careers quickly! 

Link to the BCBE's announcement




Announcement from BCBE

Mobile Named A Hot City for 2015


Come on down to Coastal Alabama-It is hot...not just our temps but the business and industry scene as well!

I'm so glad we made the decision to move our businesses and family to the Mobile, Alabama area!  

The move to the Eastern Shore was a good decision for my family.  Industry, business, arts, dining, fishing and real estate are exploding in Mobile and Baldwin Counties.  Mobile offers abundant trade. The hot port city is a hub for train, air and of course one of the top nine shipping ports in the U.S.  That's why this magazine says Mobile will become the largest trading hub of the south!  

Are you moving here? Is your company transferring you? Will you start a new business here?

As your Real Estate Agent, I can offer almost any type of real estate!  

Do you want a BAY FRONT property or a BEACH CONDO? RIVER PROPERTY? or ACREAGE? In-town living within walking distance to shopping, fine, dining, art or fishing?  Are you interested in NEW CONSTRUCTION neighborhoods or do you flip FORECLOSURES

We have it all, but don't wait; values in our area continue to rise with every new announcement regarding incoming businesses, parks and industry.

Link to the article










1. They don't ask enough questions of their Lender and end up missing out on the best deal.

2. They don't act quickly enough when making a decision and someone else ends up buyint the house.

3. They don't find the right Agent who's willing to help them through the home-buying process.

4. They don't do enough to make their offer look apealing to the Seller.

5. They don't think about the resale before they buy.  The average first time buyer only stays in their home for four years.

Romancing The Home


Romancing the Home: Love is in the Air When searching for a home, it is easy to "fall in love" with a property. Before you put in that offer though, ask yourself can you BE in love in the house? How a home stacks up in the realm of romance might take top tier in some people's list of priorities, but even if it doesn't, issues like privacy, noise, temperature and certain amenities can definitely break up your love affair with a property. Loving a home and being in love in a home can go together. Look at properties that are well designed and maintained, easy to live in, and that are in areas that foster a sense of sanctuary, enabling people to be at their best. Homeowners that are seeking to amp up the warm feelings of love in their environment can find ways to evaluate homes with their own "way of life" in mind. Much of the romance of a home is in the ability to control the environment to fit and to create a mood. Some elements are malleable and can be enhanced with modifications of paint and furniture, additional lighting, and personal items. By spending a few dollars, you can add things that are missing or replace items that are broken, dated, or poorly conceived. However, other issues are more challenging and potentially cost prohibitive to correct: the size of rooms, older wiring systems that cannot support a modern load, too few bathrooms or placement of the home on the property. When assessing a property, here are some features to consider: Privacy - How much privacy do you require from intruders, viewers, even other occupants of your home? How does the "lay of the land" or other buildings affect the privacy of your property? Having an audience or being the main attraction can take the romance right out of the air. In addition to the view you see or provide, think about noise. Are you constantly listening to your neighbors' conversations? Will they be hearing yours? Do children or frequent guests to your home affect the romantic atmosphere? Separation of spaces might be a useful filter in the evaluation of a home. And what about bathing, dressing? Ensure that everyone's sense of privacy can be achieved. View - Does it inspire, envelop, overlook, or make you a subject? Privacy issues aside, consider the views from different vantage points. What you see can enhance or detract from a romantic atmosphere, so pay attention to views room-to-room and in transitions around the home. Amenities - Are there features of a home, or luxuries that might be incorporated in a home that aid your romantic sensibilities? Many people like hot tubs, luxury bathrooms, large bedrooms, saunas or the benefits of well stocked wine cellars. If the home is lacking, can you add it? If the amenities are there, are they making up for something lacking? Consider rating and ranking amenities that are present and that could be added later. If there is a perfect place for the most idealistic of dreams, this could be a selling feature of the home - but the item might not be there, yet. Lighting, both natural and augmented, should provide what you want where you want it. Do you like a dark bedroom in the morning, or would the sunrise be a welcome view? How is the house oriented and how will the changing light affect different rooms? Are light fixtures adequate and up-to-date? Are lights able to be dimmed, allowing control over mood? Is there a fireplace for light and warmth, or a great place for a fire-pit outside? Ventilation/Heating and Cooling -Temperate breezes through open windows can be quite enjoyable in the right environment. However, kitchen smells and other lingering odors can be a detractor and stifle any sense of ambience. Being able to control airflow and in turn to control temperature and olfactory stimulus can be a key factor in many climates, from hot to cold. Face it: there's nothing enticing about the smell of stale air, being too hot or too cold. Sound - Some sounds add to a feeling of tension or discontent. Systems that produce noise like heating or cooling systems, dishwashers, ventilation fans, even refrigerators can be noisy when running. Consider a trial run to understand the noise load if you are sensitive to such things. Outdoor noise may be out of a homeowner's control, but some newer homes have made advances to keep unwanted noise out. The addition of built-in speakers and audio systems enables additional control over the environment. Creating sanctuaries that attract song birds or water features that mask the sounds of traffic are also creative ways to add romance to the home. So in this Valentine's season, ponder the romance of a home, the romance that happens in the home and the ability to make a home romantic.

Why we call it Orange Beach


Orange Beach Sunset

If my family and I can the move to live in the heart of beautiful beaches and southern hospitality, so can you!  Call me today to find your perfect coastal property.




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